iPod, iPad, iPhone Repairs Brisbane

The Phone Repair Doctor specialises in the repairs of iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

If you are as addicted to your iPhone, iPod, iPad as we are, we understand that you want it fixed immediately.

Sure you can send your device in to Apple for repair or replacement, but who wants to wait 7-10 days and fill out a bunch of paper work.

We are a new type of iPhone repair business that has the option of coming out to you.

No need to bring your device in, we’ll come out to your home or business and fix your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the spot. However if you prefer you can bring in your sick patient to a local repair hospital (workshop).

The Phone Repair Doctor is essentially a network of independent repair operators around Australia with our headquarters in Brisbane. As such we can connect you with your local repairer to service your needs.

Check out the service areas page, and if you aren’t in an area that we currently cover then we will know or find someone locally that can help you.

So why use the Phone Repair Doctor over either Apple or another repair center.

  • Save MONEY: Apple can and will charge you $270 for an iPhone 3G or 3GS screen repair (out of warranty service).
  • Save TIME: Phone Repair Doctor is an at your door service (Home or Business). We can come to you for some of our repairs. Or if can arrange for a pickup and dropoff to your door. Most repairs only take 60 minutes maximum. No need to send your iPhone off and be without a phone for days.
  • Same or Next Day Service: Most repairs will be done the same day you call or if not the next day.
  • All Work is Guaranteed: All work is guaranteed for 3 months after the repair date. If any part that was repaired fails under normal use, we will replace it free of charge.
  • Keep Your Own iPhone: Refurbished iPhone’s are used at Apple stores to give to customers when they take in their iPhone’s for repair. A refurbished iPhone had a previous owner who in some way broke it. Apple fixes it and gives it to you in the place of your old one.
  • Safer: Your iPhone probably contains a lot of personal information that you don’t want in the hands of a complete stranger. This is why the Phone Repair Doctor is safer because you are more than welcome to watch the entire repair process from start to finish.
  • Faster: You’ll only be without your iPhone for 20 to 30 minutes while it’s being repaired. Some of those online mail-in repair places might make you wait almost a week before you see your iPhone again.

Our main hospital (workshop) is located in Brisbane.

4/635 Ipswich Rd
QLD, 4103

Here is our Google Places Local page where you can read some past customers reviews.

Here is a video of where to park and how to get to the main workshop …


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