Like all good businesses, the Phone Repair Doctor started trading in March 2011 due to seeing a need in the community and an ability to satisfy that need.

The short story is that my wife’s iPhone 3G (my previous phone, only 2.5 years old) had a bad fall onto hard wood floors and the LCD went grey and had vertical lines on it and the home button stopped working, rendering the iPhone useless. Of course, I had just entered into a fresh 24 month contract with my carrier, so I wasn’t about to get a second hand iPhone 3G or 3GS ($500+) to replace it.

With my wife on my back to fix it because in just 2 short months of using the iPhone, she’d become addicted to it (like the rest of us), I contacted a couple of local iPhone repairers. I never got a response.

I was so upset with not being contacted when I clearly needed my iPhone fixed, and with my wife hassling me to get her phone operational the next day, I looked online for some spare parts.

Since my background was as an Electronics Engineer, I figured I had a good chance of fixing the phone on my own.

The next thing I knew, I had sourced some parts and fixed the iPhone even better than it was before. I changed the black front face glass to a white one just to keep the wife happy. Here is the before and after of the very first repair.


iPhone with Broken LCD


iPhone with Fixed LCD and White Digitizer

Since I already operate several online and offline businesses, it was a natural extension to setup an iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair business.

The concept is to help those with broken devices and also help local repairers alike and be a central point of contact Australia wide. Local repairers do the work under their own businesses (as Approved Repairers), and customers are happy to support local businesses and get their devices fixed quickly without needing to ship them in the mail anywhere.

The Phone Repair Doctor was born.

The concept has taken off and we are expanding to reach all areas within Australia.

Chief of Staff
Phone Repair Doctor HQ

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