Top iPad and iPhone Apps for a Successful College Life

Getting into college is already an achievement and it is a whole new world out there.  One that is more grueling and more competitive as you are studying for new knowledge and skills to prepare you for a career and possibly a brighter future.  In relation to that though, did you know that installing iOS apps can help you wade through college days and university life?  These special apps offer several benefits such as quick access to tons of information, managing your personal and educational activities, taking down notes, recording lectures, editing compositions, and even recording your biorhythm. Here is list of suggested apps that you can consider:

Around Me

You are now independent and do things on your own.  This app lets you find details about your new environment.  Thus, locating the nearest bank, gas station, movie houses, supermarket, taxi, hospital, and lots of other establishments is a finger tapping affair.  Friends and strangers are no longer needed for directions.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

With this application, you are no longer at a loss for words.  This app for iPhones and iPads has several helpful features such as voice search that allows you to find words without spelling it.  It is an amazing tool for vocabulary building, educational references, and a weapon for personal development.  You do not need to make frequent library visits to take a look at new words uttered by your professor or worry about not having a dictionary beside you.


Procrastination is a big no in college.  You should complete assignments, projects, and other educational tasks on time or in advance so that you won’t suffer from cramming and low grades at that.  This app for iPhone and Mac helps students organise different activities according to priority levels.  The app alerts college students to categorise the tasks in order to manage them well.

USB Disk

The problem with storing your notes and files with a real USB is that often, this thing gets lost.  With this application, users can store, manage, and view documents through their iOS gadgets.  It is a simple app loaded with powerful features such as viewer and intuitive interface.  Just drag and drop your compositions and documents in iTunes and transfer it to your iPad or iPhone so you can view stored files anywhere and anytime.

Wi-Fi Finder

If you are desperately searching for places where you can connect online, this app is your magic wand.  It tracks down paid and free Wi-Fi.  The app is simply amazing as it can detect over half a million hot spots covering 144 countries around the planet.  Research and homework is no longer a problem when student is on the go always.

Droid Scan

Time is crucial when you are in college, thus, this app is very helpful if you want a portable scanner. It can convert images captured through your iOS gadget in superior quality PDF scans or JPG files.  It records whiteboard presentation and common types of documents and share the files via electronic mail or with an SD card.  It’s a great app for research.

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Pear Note

No more memory gaps for you and wondering about the meaning of words you took down in your notebook or journal.  This app lets you record the whole lecture and at the same time attach notes so you can easily find needed ideas by simply tapping on the note when reviewing later. The app will lead you to the recorded portion where the note belongs.  There is no need to contact your classmates or friends and ask for ideas about the notes you jotted down.


Yes, this social network helps college students. It becomes advantageous when you follow a profile related to certain subjects such as authors, books, fellow classmates, professors, and others whom you can ask for information about specific subjects.  This way, you get updated on discussions, ideas, and even ask help for your assignments and projects.


It is your library inside an iPad or iPhone. With it, you can download, arrange, and read books.  It is as simple as tapping a book to open, swipe to flip through pages, and add annotations to your favourite quotations and passages.  With iBook store, one can download the latest bestsellers and other helpful books.  Thus, there is no need for you to check offline bookstores to find the books you like.

Free Graphing Calculator

Math for some is a dreaded subject, but with this application, algebra and other lessons involving calculations become an easy task.  It is loaded with features which college students will really appreciate such as scientific calculator with arithmetic, exponent, factorial, absolute value, combinations, permutations, random integer, normal distribution and other statistical tools; graphing capability that allow students to create parametric equations, find intersections and roots, plot coordinates, and other graph functions; conversion calculator that helps convert metric to English measurements and vice versa or to quantify areas, depth, width, capacity, distance, and so and so forth .

Mind Personal Finance

Money is tight if you are in college and all the more for you to keep track of your budget and expenses.  This app lets you monitor and manage your money in one sitting wherever you are.  It can help you open an account or enroll an existing bank account, credit card, or even a retirement account.  It auto-categorises your financial transactions, arrange them into graphs for better understanding where your money went and identify sources of cash as well.  It also sends alerts if you are overspending and reminds you of outstanding or overdue accounts.


Digital writing is made easier with this application.  Taking down notes becomes easier as the apps are loaded with amazing features such as wrist protection to avoid writing smudges, pen strokes to make handwriting look better, zoom in button to help you search your notes, and then synchronise the information with Evernote.  Thus, you do away with papers and have your notes saved on your iPad or iPhone to view them later.

Whoever says that college life is really difficult in these times? With these iPad and iPhone apps, students can indeed experience a successful college life.

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