8 Dream Apps for iPad or iPhone

Science and technology has developed gadgets, equipment, tools, and applications which were only seen in James Bond movies, read in sci-fi novels, and heard from dreamers and scientists. What was once just a figment of imagination had slowly or instantly became a reality because of technological research and scientific innovations.  Just like the case of communication gadgets such as cellular phones and computers; the former used to be limited for calling functionality and the latter was intended for encoding; both has now evolved into multi-function tools that have made our daily life easier.

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A popular brand for cell phones and tablet PCs include the iPhone and iPad. The current craze on these devices was triggered by applications available, whether free or paid.  However, as someone who wants more, there are still dream applications which we would want to have and die for.  Here are some of them:

File Finder

There are several applications about finding a lost iPad or iPhone which works.  Naturally, for people who keep on losing not only these items but their personal files as well, be it stored in their briefcases or in their steel cabinets; this type of application is manna from heaven.  The app should have an x-ray tool with text intelligence so that when you need to find a file, just key in a related text or keyword in the search box and then point the iPad or iPhone in the attache case or cabinets to locate the file.  Once it’s found, it will send an auto text message describing where the file is located through a screen cap or by identifying a descriptive location like this: red folder, sixteenth paper inside the folder.

Mood and Music Integration

There are existing apps which can read and predict your biorhythm and sort your mp3 selection.  Why not integrate the two so you won’t have to wake up or divert your attention just to escape, forward, or search for an appropriate music according to your mood at present?  It will be a relief for those who want to listen to the right type of music without being annoyed by the wrong ones played through the mp3 player.

Mood Enhancement Apps

In this application, your gadget can pre-empt your mood and automatically reconfigure your wall paper, music selection, news feeds, incoming messages or calls according to your mode.  For example, if the last call made you nervous, it will temporarily block incoming calls and texts from that person so as not to extend your bad mood or the biorhythm.

Ingredient Reader and Health Tabulator

What is currently featured in these gadgets include tools to calculate your fats, calories, or other bad elements found in your body as well as input the food and drink you want to eat, alerting you on how much to intake.  What is lacking is pointing the app to a certain bottle or ingredient noticed in food packages and enumerating possible diseases or medical complications which you will acquire instantly or slowly through such food or drinks.  The health tabulator will help you decide which food or drink to buy.

People Recognition

While you can manipulate the profile of your contacts to easily recall whom you are communicating with, there is always a problem if the person’s info is not stored in your contact list.  This app will allow you access to personal details of the person making a call or sending a text message.  It will surely save you the trouble of recalling familiar numbers not stored in the gadget and deciding whether to take the call or not.

Experience Filter App

This app is all about mapping your habit.  You input your usual activities daily, weekly, or even monthly.  It is similar to a ‘do not disturb’ mode where your gadget will not vibrate or alert you of an incoming call or message, instead, it will be redirected, stored, and you can access it afterwards.  While it may be similar to forwarding calls, the difference is that you do not have to punch the numbers; instead the app will automatically decide not to receive calls or messages and alert you about such items later on when you’re ready to review them.

Memory Recall Apps

This application might be energy consuming but it will really help.  The app will help you avoid a ‘déjà vu’ moment.  It is an audio and video recording of one’s life’s event.  Meaning, you can always activate the app to record everything that happens to your life if you want.  And later on, if you forget something like a person, place, or thing, you can rely on this app to remind you when an event occurred, when you met a person and how, or recall an object that you saw but your mind failed you.  It has an auto tag function which you can use by simply typing a name, a place, or a description. The app will then give you a menu of possible choices for you to browse through and help you recall.

Probability Application

Every day, we are faced with several crossroads and there is a need for us to decide between various choices.  However, we procrastinate because we fear the unknown.  This application will help you make a decision by simply inputting alternatives in the equation and the app will calculate the statistics on how other people react or decide on certain issues and concerns.  This way, the task of making a decision becomes easier because you have references and will find a way based on the reasons why.

The possibilities about dream applications that you want are endless.  Some of these might have already been discovered and are available on iTunes, while others are still on the process of research and development.  It pays to voice out your concern. If you have other dream applications working in your mind right now, why not express it and you just might be surprised that it is already in your iPad or iPhone sooner than you think?

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Top iPad and iPhone Apps for a Successful College Life

Getting into college is already an achievement and it is a whole new world out there.  One that is more grueling and more competitive as you are studying for new knowledge and skills to prepare you for a career and possibly a brighter future.  In relation to that though, did you know that installing iOS apps can help you wade through college days and university life?  These special apps offer several benefits such as quick access to tons of information, managing your personal and educational activities, taking down notes, recording lectures, editing compositions, and even recording your biorhythm. Here is list of suggested apps that you can consider:

Around Me

You are now independent and do things on your own.  This app lets you find details about your new environment.  Thus, locating the nearest bank, gas station, movie houses, supermarket, taxi, hospital, and lots of other establishments is a finger tapping affair.  Friends and strangers are no longer needed for directions.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

With this application, you are no longer at a loss for words.  This app for iPhones and iPads has several helpful features such as voice search that allows you to find words without spelling it.  It is an amazing tool for vocabulary building, educational references, and a weapon for personal development.  You do not need to make frequent library visits to take a look at new words uttered by your professor or worry about not having a dictionary beside you.


Procrastination is a big no in college.  You should complete assignments, projects, and other educational tasks on time or in advance so that you won’t suffer from cramming and low grades at that.  This app for iPhone and Mac helps students organise different activities according to priority levels.  The app alerts college students to categorise the tasks in order to manage them well.

USB Disk

The problem with storing your notes and files with a real USB is that often, this thing gets lost.  With this application, users can store, manage, and view documents through their iOS gadgets.  It is a simple app loaded with powerful features such as viewer and intuitive interface.  Just drag and drop your compositions and documents in iTunes and transfer it to your iPad or iPhone so you can view stored files anywhere and anytime.

Wi-Fi Finder

If you are desperately searching for places where you can connect online, this app is your magic wand.  It tracks down paid and free Wi-Fi.  The app is simply amazing as it can detect over half a million hot spots covering 144 countries around the planet.  Research and homework is no longer a problem when student is on the go always.

Droid Scan

Time is crucial when you are in college, thus, this app is very helpful if you want a portable scanner. It can convert images captured through your iOS gadget in superior quality PDF scans or JPG files.  It records whiteboard presentation and common types of documents and share the files via electronic mail or with an SD card.  It’s a great app for research.

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Pear Note

No more memory gaps for you and wondering about the meaning of words you took down in your notebook or journal.  This app lets you record the whole lecture and at the same time attach notes so you can easily find needed ideas by simply tapping on the note when reviewing later. The app will lead you to the recorded portion where the note belongs.  There is no need to contact your classmates or friends and ask for ideas about the notes you jotted down.


Yes, this social network helps college students. It becomes advantageous when you follow a profile related to certain subjects such as authors, books, fellow classmates, professors, and others whom you can ask for information about specific subjects.  This way, you get updated on discussions, ideas, and even ask help for your assignments and projects.


It is your library inside an iPad or iPhone. With it, you can download, arrange, and read books.  It is as simple as tapping a book to open, swipe to flip through pages, and add annotations to your favourite quotations and passages.  With iBook store, one can download the latest bestsellers and other helpful books.  Thus, there is no need for you to check offline bookstores to find the books you like.

Free Graphing Calculator

Math for some is a dreaded subject, but with this application, algebra and other lessons involving calculations become an easy task.  It is loaded with features which college students will really appreciate such as scientific calculator with arithmetic, exponent, factorial, absolute value, combinations, permutations, random integer, normal distribution and other statistical tools; graphing capability that allow students to create parametric equations, find intersections and roots, plot coordinates, and other graph functions; conversion calculator that helps convert metric to English measurements and vice versa or to quantify areas, depth, width, capacity, distance, and so and so forth .

Mind Personal Finance

Money is tight if you are in college and all the more for you to keep track of your budget and expenses.  This app lets you monitor and manage your money in one sitting wherever you are.  It can help you open an account or enroll an existing bank account, credit card, or even a retirement account.  It auto-categorises your financial transactions, arrange them into graphs for better understanding where your money went and identify sources of cash as well.  It also sends alerts if you are overspending and reminds you of outstanding or overdue accounts.


Digital writing is made easier with this application.  Taking down notes becomes easier as the apps are loaded with amazing features such as wrist protection to avoid writing smudges, pen strokes to make handwriting look better, zoom in button to help you search your notes, and then synchronise the information with Evernote.  Thus, you do away with papers and have your notes saved on your iPad or iPhone to view them later.

Whoever says that college life is really difficult in these times? With these iPad and iPhone apps, students can indeed experience a successful college life.

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Spotlight on 5 Must Have Free Security Apps for iPad or iPhone

Most people love to tinker on the entertainment aspects of their iPhones or iPads such as games, ebook apps, audio and videos. Unfortunately, many neglect to attend to different security measures their mobile gadgets need in order to avoid nightmares such as hacking, virus attacks, profile theft, and among others.  Before it is too late, we would like to introduce free security applications that you can install on your iPads and iPhones.

Find My iPhone:  Search and Operate Remotely

This product is no longer a stuff made from science fiction. It won’t hurt your pocket either.  The Find My iPhone application is a must have before you even lose your iPad or iPhone.  This application works wonderfully and lessens threats to your mobile gadget and all data in it.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Using an iOS compatible host, you can find the gadget and protect all the information stored in it.  All you need to do is to download the app into another device and log on using your Apple identification via iCloud.
  2. After it is installed, the software can now help you locate your missing iPhone or iPad that wandered off from the map.
  3. Then, you can decide to perform remote operation to lock the device, delete data, and show message or play alert tones even if the gadget is on silent mode.

Webroot: Securing Online Transactions

Both iPad and iPhone are powerful devices, they enable you to buy and sell, register membership profile, input confidential files and data, and so on and so forth.  But the threat of someone stealing vital information is always there.  Lucky for you, with Webroot, you do not only protect your devices from different forms of online theft, it costs nothing also.  How does it help secure online transactions?

  1. As an antivirus app, it automatically scans files for malware or spyware, Trojans and viruses that render your devices vulnerable each time you transact online.
  2. It has an alert system when your gadget and its configurations are susceptible to attacks.
  3. It instantly blocks malwares before it has the opportunity to install anything onto your device.
  4. It conducts automatic scanning on web links and addresses to block harmful content such as phishing emails.

Norton Snap: More Secure Online Transaction

When you browse and shop, a lot of websites out there are using QR codes. It is everywhere.  It enables one to enjoy complication free access on product or service information and lets you avail of special deals and incentives.  However, it also makes it easy for hackers to attack your mobile device and steal your profile or identity and perform malicious or criminal acts using your personal data.  It is even more problematic as QR codes are websites in camouflage and you have no way of determining if the site is safe unless you perform scanning yet by then it might be too late.

This application keeps you one step ahead of possible threats and eliminates the risks of using QR codes.  It protects your identity by checking the security of websites that are connected to QR codes before these threats and risks are loaded to your mobile gadget. This app has a Norton rating on websites that you will visit to determine their safety score.


Key Chain: Your Password Secretary

It is part of the iOS7, thus, technically, it cannot be considered as an application but just the same, it is free.  Without this app, it will become challenging editing or deleting personal info.  This application is also more than just a password manager because you can choose to save personal contact data together with that of your credit card information for easy shopping.  Keychain allows saving of information when it is prompted and can generate random passwords for more security.  With that, you no longer need to memorise different passwords for emails, online shopping, subscriptions, and financial transactions, among others.  In addition, security risks become lower as you do not need to maintain one password for all access.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile: for Safer Online Navigation

Do not leave everything to chance.  By installing this free anti-virus application for iPad and iPhone, your online browsing will be much safer.  How so?

  1. It is an alert system application for your iOS gadget.  It alerts you each time your device is under attack or there is a threat to vulnerability.  Thus, you are instantly notified that the site you are browsing is loaded with virus or spyware either in the site content or its file attachments.
  2. It offers recommendations on how to deal with different viruses and malware attacking your mobile device.

Splash ID:  Data Storage up in the Air

Storing sensitive data into your computing device such as personal records, tax and card numbers, photos, and documents is never secure.  There is always a chance that other people will tinker with your computer and access these data or you might lose your mobile gadget and confidential information ends up with the wrong people.

While this application is a password management app, it is also all about secure cloud synchronisation across all of your gadgets, devices, and computers.  It allows more secured data sharing and sending even to non-users of this application.  It has the ability to back up files to avoid data loss and create hacker free passwords.

The best things in life are indeed free. You can protect your mobile device with these free security apps for iPad and iPhone.

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How to Defend your iPad and iPhone from Various Security Threats

defend iphone ipad security threats

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Devices like an iPad or iPhone are not exempted from the usual security issues and threats such as online malware and viruses.  It is futile to assume that these gadgets cannot experience security problems even in the near or distant future.  Regardless of the type of files including audio, video, texts, documents, electronic mails, and more, you can never be sure that you won’t encounter security threats from files you download or store in your gadget.  But with the right investment in terms of paid security applications for iPad and iPhone, you can be confident that each time you use these products, it will be protected from hackers for as long as such applications are always enabled.

Anti –Virus and Malware and Surfing Security Paid Applications

McAfee Family Protection

Children nowadays are very familiar with the latest in technology, especially if you personally provide them with their own iPad or iPhone and allow them to use such gadgets on their own. Such liberty exposes them to the threat of surfing on websites with illegal content.

This paid application costing less than $20.00 is created to help kids navigate the web safely and avoid inappropriate web content.  In addition, it provides a report on blocked web addresses and modifies settings on sites with inappropriate or malicious content.

Virus Barrier from Intego

This is not an application intended to be installed for an iPad or iPhone but rather on a Macintosh computer. You can attach your gadget for a 24/7 protection from viruses, Trojan horses, malware and other security threats.  It automatically scans the attached device and has a two-fold firewall as well as an anti-vandal shield to block attacks.  With this application, you have a spectacular choice to scan iPad and iPhone for security measures regularly.

Password Management

Once your password is stolen or hacked, it can be a dangerous situation for you. Not only will your profile be duplicated, it can be potentially financially disastrous as well if the hacker is able to steal your password and gain access to vital financial information such as those related with your credit cards and bank accounts.  In relation to this concern, there are several paid password applications which you can choose from but these two are quite reliable based on feedback from users:

Splash ID Password Apps

This product costs less than $10.00. By using it, your vital information are securely locked and stored.  Some of the interesting features of this application are as follows: it is compatible both for iPhone and iPad, requires only iOS version 3 or lower, includes file attachment protection, history search and record button for duplication, latest mode to unlock option, and allow viewing on landscape mode.

Password Pro

If you want automatic password inputting for all online addresses you visit in a very secured manner, then this is the right application for you.  This is helpful if you want to avoid using just one password for all sites you frequently visit because it will help you keep track of numerous passwords.  At a price that is no more than $15.00, you have an app that is compatible for both iPhone and iPad. Your online browsing will never be compromised by virtue of password repetition.  Forgetting your password will never be a problem too with this application. Be sure to back up data through your iTunes account though.

Data Hoarding and Management

Many of us are hoarding documents and the problem is that most often; data stored in our gadgets contain sensitive information such as usernames, password, tax numbers, bank account numbers, credit card information, and even private files. Thus, one needs a password management application that functions more than helping you manage your entry points.

OneSafe Password and Browse Application

This application that is compatible for both iPad and iPhone does more than password management.  It allows users to safely store documents which are encoded in formats like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  In addition, it also acts as a browser for more secure navigation without leaving information prints such as cookies and browsing history.  This is possible because of the following features:

  • Two fold protection, thereby, allowing you to create a stronger password.
  • Auto-lock mechanism for inactive online moments
  • Change reminder for password
  • If your password ends up being hacked, it has a self destruct mechanism after three unsuccessful attempts when logging in to your account.
  • Decoy mechanism to protect your real data

Stash Application

It is both a download manager and a personal media player.  It has the capability to secure any kind of data from business files to pictures and videos in your iPhone.  It helps create multiple accounts with PIN protect password and even decoy ones.  It can also set up hidden accounts which can only be revealed to the owner after performing a special hand movement. Using the Boss button, you can hide your activity to avoid other people from observing and taking mental image of your gesture movement.

Wallet App

If you need to secure sensitive and very delicate information without using various hiding configuration on your iPad and iPhone, this app is the answer.  It is called a personal databank where you can safely hoard information such as numbers of your various cards, online passwords, and software license information in one storage bank.  It also let users edit and delete desired groups.  It is a great synchronisation device when you want to move around online and protect personal or professional data.

In totality, before you start engaging in certain online activities using the iPad or iPhone, it is vital that you protect your personal aspect first.  Despite countless benefits these gadgets offer, the threat is always there each time you access harmful websites. Hence, you need some of the applications listed above. Most are available with a one-time payment while others are offered with an annual fee. The point is that it wise to invest in these applications to secure and protect your online activities and avoid the risk of exposing your personal data which can lead to financial disaster and at the most, ruin your personal integrity.

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12 iPad and iPhone Apps that Helps Your Business

iphone ipad business apps

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The world of business is very dynamic. Changes can happen that affect business either positively or negatively.  In this current situation, technological developments have made the business environment more volatile. Companies and business owners, managers, executives, and CEOs are becoming more vulnerable to competition and the only thing that you can do is to adapt.  Thus, you see businessmen owning iPads and iPhones to connect to their clients, partners, and associates.  However, not all of them are very familiar with iOS applications that will help their business.  Here are some recommendations.

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Cad Munch

In the olden days, you have business card folders or holders. Then people adapted the Palm Pilot. The card holder is still there but the Palm gadget went into extinction.  Card Munch replaces the long gone technology with lesser complication.  All you have to do is to take a picture of the business cards you received and upload it.  Card Munch will process the cards. You can then add details to the contact section of your mobile gadget and start communicating with the business card owners though email.

Power Presenter

There are lots of presentations involved in business and this application can help by:

  • Performing presentation on a projector
  • Uploading file to a website
  • Auto detecting projector when connected to a VGA cable
  • You can highlight text, draw objects on the slides and send these via email.
  • It has a whiteboard function where you can compose your ideas.


This application offers more professional touch to your presentations by:

  • Providing 30 Apple exclusive presentation backgrounds and themes
  • Offering movie quality presentation using different buttons such as slide, fade, collapse, pop, and flip
  • Making visually stunning and creative presentation using pro forma styles, designs, and texts, and simply dragging over the slides

XE Currency Map

Get the latest exchange rate information on different denominations through your fingertips.  No need to visit several websites and waste time looking, calculating, and analysing current monetary valuation.

Skype for iPhone

Stay connected with your clients at minimal cost.  With this application, you can lessen travel expenses as you can communicate with your clients and customers in real time.


Operational costs are very critical to business; thus, it needs constant monitoring and lookout to keep companies financially healthy.  With this application, one can instantly add cash expense data to your gadget, automatically transfer credit card transactions, capture rewards and mileage credits, refund and reimburse figures, assign codes to accounts, projects, and other related fields.


Numbers is one of the most helpful applications for both iPad and iPhone as it is designed to create spreadsheet apps using fingers.  One can choose from several templates to create budget matrix, checklist, invoices, amortisation calculator, and a lot more.  You can also add tables, texts, charts, and images in any of the cells on the spreadsheet.  There are also interactive buttons to make your matrix more animated.

Box for iPhone and iPad

Getting data from your team members are very often difficult due to several reasons and accessing these from varying sources such as laptops and desktops is another headache.  With this application one can do the following:

  • Finger-reach data from different sources
  • Get the most updated information anytime and anywhere for your business
  • Share important files and documents to your team
  • Provide feedback while on mobile

File Central for iOS – All in One Document Manager

One off the most pressing problems a businessman may encounter is failure to open documents or not being able to access it due to compatibility issues.  This application solves such problem because:

  • It is an all document reader.
  • It supports all popular file formats.
  • It has the ability to be synchronised with other apps such as Dropbox, iCloud, and Box.net for example.
  • It manages attachments and zip or rar files with ease.
  • It can convert files to PDF.


Meetings and appointments are an everyday affair.  You need to keep track of these very often and sometimes secretaries are not effective enough to handle the task; thus, you have to initiate your own initiative to meet the demands.  Due iOS application helps you and your business due to the following:

  • There is no need to set up a personal account to log in and utilise the features.
  • No terms of use.
  • With its very fast alert system, it is thrice more effective than other alert apps.
  • Track the day’s activity or filter only those you want to attend.
  • Rescheduling and reminding dates and appointments are relatively easy with its snoozing function which you can configure according to your preferences.

Business Plan for Start Ups

Here is one of the most helpful apps for new businessmen and these are the reasons why:

  • It has one hundred instant articles which you can read to pickup ideas that are vital to your business. The essays can be accessed from your mobile iOS gadget.
  • It has three budget plan templates which you can send to your computer and can use to avoid problems on how to create the cash and expense aspect of your business.
  • Cost and profit planning won’t be a problem as you have three templates to choose from.

Square Card Reader

Here is a situation, a customer wants to avail of special deals through credit cards and it so happens that you are not anywhere close, so what is the solution? Your sales staff can communicate directly with you about deals and special offers. Even when are away to places as far as Timbuktu, you can still accept the credit card transaction through your iOS gadget. While the application and other related peripherals are free, there is a fee involved for every swipe made.

With these useful applications available at the tip of your fingers, running a business effectively whether remotely or offline is no longer a problem.  Just be sure that you or staffs know how to make the most out of these apps.

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