How iOS7 Benefits Business

Despite several complaints about the iOS7, this latest Apple operating system offers numerous features to beat.

ios7 business

iOS7 Features

Just to give a run down, here are the most outstanding details:

  • Control Center – makes apps and controls very accessible in seconds; enabling you to multitask
  • AirDrop – the most convenient way to share files via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • New Notification Center – you’ll love “today” and how it shows you everything you need to know – today – including the weather, important events, schedule, and more; “all and missed” on the other hand reminds you of all else you weren’t able to attend to such as missed calls, shared files, and many more
  • Smart Updates – automatic updates are performed efficiently so your phone battery isn’t drained when completing the process
  • Zooming – imagine dizzying zoom; you can do that with all of the phone’s content
  • iTunes Radio (US) – the tuner automatically serves music based on your preferences and listening history
  • Find My iPhone – this will make anyone think twice before stealing an iPhone
  • iCloud Keychain (coming soon) – saves login info securely
  • iOS in the Car (coming soon) – integrates the phone within your car’s dashboard for safer driving while using your gadget
  • iCloud photo sharing – uses cloud technology to share photos; accessible anywhere using any gadget with web connection
  • Siri – searches Wikipedia and Twitter now
  • App Store – a kid’s only section is now present plus the Apps Near Me suggests apps relevant to your location
  • New and improved camera
  • Hidden Features – try to find one; I’m sure you can!

iOS7 for Business

But is the iOS7 built for the consuming public only? Definitely not! The iOS7 is for business too! Here are some of the reasons why:


Devices utilized for business including iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers are exposed to security dangers especially when pertinent business information are stored on such tools. But with the iOS7 and its varied security features, your business files are protected.

A finger activated lock combined with a pass code prevents unauthorized usage in case you misplace your device. If your gadget gets lost or stolen, labeling it as “lost” through your account online will render the device useless. The Find my iPhone feature listed above works for iPhones but for all other iOS7 compatible devices, once it’s reported as lost, the screen is locked to a message saying it’s been lost with your contact number displayed.

Access to a business’ VPN or virtual private network can also be limited to apps distributed by the company alone and restricts an employee’s personal apps from gaining access to the VPN through an iOS VPN feature, thereby, preventing sensitive enterprise information from leaving the company premises after users leave the work floor. This option is available through the Per App VPN feature native to the iOS7.

Even third-party apps and its contents are automatically protected once programmed with the network.

A business app’s license can also be recycled and reassigned to another employee in case of resignation or termination. This also prevents any former employee from gaining access to company files when they’re no longer part of it.


Connection to all company related apps is also made possible through one single pass code through the Enterprise Single Sign-on feature, making it easier to login without the need to enter multiple passwords.

Earlier, the AirDrop was mentioned. This makes it easier to share work related files. And when used in conjunction with Apple’s cloud services, mobile employees can send reports and participate with meetings even while on the go.

iWork apps are now free for download, competing with Microsoft’s own business apps that are already available for free.


The iOS7 wasn’t exclusively designed for consumers. The features listed above prove that this OS benefits business too.

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