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iphone 5s

There’s always a new iPhone every year so everyone who owns a discontinued model or is considering switching from a different OS would wonder what makes the latest iPhone model different from previous ones. In this case, we are talking about the iPhone 5s. What makes it unique? What makes it stand out? Here are some of the reasons why:

Super Fast

If the A6 chip is fast, the A7 present in the iPhone 5s is twice faster in terms of CPU performance. It’s also the very first smart phone in the world to boast of a 64-bit processor, making its speed comparable to desktop computers. Coupled with the iOS7, which was specifically designed to be compatible only with 64-bit, you get the fastest phone to date.

Similarly Fast LTE

If LTE is currently the fastest Internet network on mobile, wait till you hear that the iPhone 5s has 13 bands to boot. That’s the most any smart phone can ever have.


Since the iOS7 was introduced earlier, let’s get acquainted with it even more. This operating system features all new technologies including the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor, AirDrop (for file sharing), Control Center, and multitasking. This can be considered the most advanced OS as of the moment.


Going back to the A7, it works with the OpenGL ES version 3.0, enabling the phone to display detailed graphics and vivid visual effects equivalent to computers and gaming consoles.


Not only is the new and improved iSight camera faster in all features including auto focus, photo capture, and video frame rates due to the A7’s power, it also comes with the following new features and improvements:

  • larger sensor, larger pixels, and larger aperture
  • 10 photos per second captured under the burst mode
  • true tone flash – over 1000 tones are used to provide perfect lighting
  • auto image stabilization – stabilizes shaky movements on videos
  • slow motion video – you can shoot up to 720p at 120 frames per second and create a slo-mo vid for fun
  • captured images can be cropped into square, making them social media sharing ready (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • panorama mode – it’s nothing new really, but is still available only with Apple


iSight isn’t the only tool improved. The FaceTime HD camera now has larger pixels and improved backside illumination sensor.


The M7 coprocessor works hand in hand with the A7. It minimizes usage of the processor in order to save battery. When your phone turns idle, network pinging is also reduced for greater efficiency.


The most daring colors ever produced. It includes the highly publicized gold as well as silver and the most popular among the three, the space gray.


The iPhone 5s offers even more such as free apps, over 900,000 selections on the app store, iCloud services, AppleCare+ (extended warranty), and so on. The features discussed above, however, are enough to make the iPhone 5s stand out in the mobile world.

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