iPhone 5c: C Stands for?

iphone 5c colors

Long before its release, rumors about a supposedly affordable iPhone which will compete with dominating inexpensive Android phones had been circulating all over the tech world. True enough, the speculation turn into reality after the release of the iPhone 5c. But what does “c” stand for?

C is for Candy

The latest iPhone 5c commercial advertised worldwide highlights this product’s available candy colours, making it appear as if “c” in 5c stands for colourful. Since this model offers exciting hues including white, pink, yellow, green, and blue, it’s indeed vibrant looking even when naked or paired with matching similarly lively cases. Even the screen and wallpaper are candy coloured.

C is for Cheap

Starting at USD $99 at postpaid contract price (the 16 GB version); this is definitely the cheapest iPhone to date. But amidst a thrilling price, cheap may remarkably refer to its design as well. The colourful casing is made of plastic, making it leagues behind the durable and notable titanium alloy iPhone case. Despite being supported by a steel frame, the polycarbonate case still makes it susceptible to cracking and breaking like any other common plastic product.

C equals Cons

Despite numerous pros, “c” is still equivalent to cons.

But before that, here are positive features you can expect from the 5c:

  • iOS7. See previous post ____ for more on this OS.
  • Several iPhone 5 features including an A6 chip, retina display with 326 ppi, iSight camera with 8MP, and 720p quality FaceTime video camera
  • Longer battery hours; it promises 10 hours of talk time

Now for the cons:

  • Plastic case; need we say more?
  • The new fingerprint sensor scanning breakthrough technology present in the iPhone 5s which was announced alongside the 5c is missing
  • Quite heavy and thick at 4.65 ounces in weight and 0.35 inches in size
  • Limited storage; no option to upgrade up to 64GB and can only accommodate 16GB and 32GB
  • No dark colours so if you’re not fond of bright hues, you won’t be thrilled with this piece

C for Collapse  

Collapse, a rough synonym of flop may well define this iPhone’s fate. Most analysts predict that it won’t be long before this model tumbles down the drain of oblivion even though Apple rarely shows its sales record for the public eye. Various sources back up this claim including news authorities like the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, citing Pegatron’s insider scoops. The latter is Apple’s supplier for the iPhone 5c’s plastic case.

C – Conclusion

The iPhone 5c is colourful, cheap, comes with pros as well as cons, and may soon collapse. But as always, the final verdict will depend on you, the consumers.

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