Turn Your iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control

In recent times the idea of using an iPhone or iPod touch as a universal remote is more prominent. There are many apps available in the app store, which can be downloaded to the iPhone’s to make them work like a universal remote control. One can control audio, lights, video, shades, DirecTV, Dish Network Digital Video Recorder’s, HDTV, X-BOX 360, Apple TV and many other things directly from their iPhone or iPad devices. Here are some of the remote control apps, which the users may take advantage of!

NFC iPhone:

Apple’s patent provided a method for controlling a number of devices with the help of NFC enabled iPhone. When the NFC enabled iPhone is connected to an NFC capable device, the iPhone will be given the parameters of the controllable things on another device.

Creston Mobile Pro:

Creston integrated with Apple to create a perfect home and office automation system. The users can connect their iPhone and iPod devices to the home network to manage their iTunes library and enjoy their favorite music throughout the home. Creston Mobile Pro app transforms the iPhone into a virtual touch panel, so that the user can control his/her home and office systems from anywhere using Wi-Fi or 3G.

I-Master Control Pro:

This app can be downloaded directly from iTunes app store which can be used to control the home theatre system. An automation controller is required to control the devices, which are expensive and are sold separately. The control systems or controllers receive Wi-Fi signals from the app and sends Infra-Red signals to the devices. The functionality is similar to the Creston home automation system with added customized programming.

RedEye Remote Control app:

This is a free app which is available with the purchase of a RedEye remote control system that works with Android devices to control home theatre system and other related devices. The database provides a number of remote control codes for various devices. Once the app is installed on the iPhone device, the mobile devices send control signals through Wi-Fi to the RedEye station, which in turn sends standard Infra Red signals to the devices which are to be controlled.

Control FX:

This app allows the iPhone to become a great home controller. The technology supports a wide range of AV, lightning and automation products via IP system library, IR and RS-232, which provide full control of the home. Control FX is available through a dealer network of experienced installers. The users can control their television, sky-HD, play station and other media servers with the help of Control FX technology.

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