How to Become an Approved Repairer

Welcome to the Phone Repair Doctor.

We are always looking for reputable local repairers to direct leads to.

You have been directed to this page because you have expressed an interest in becoming a part of the Phone Repair Doctor.

We have 2 options for you. For both you have to operate in that local area.

Option 1 (free). List your business (along with other repairers) on the area page that is in your catchment area (limited details only).

We’ll add your business name (or name) as a local repairer in that area. All repairers in that area are able to list this way. However if one of the repairers chooses to lease the whole page, your details will be removed.

Phone Repair Doctor contact details and mail in service to Brisbane headquarters workshop will still be listed.


Option 2 (cost). Lease the whole page exclusively for your business

We are selective of the repairers that wish to lease exclusively. We are looking for repairers that are of course proficient at repairing mobile devices and offer a good overall service, that look after their customers and provide after sales support.

Details you should have on the page include your Name, Business Name, Phone number, Website, Email address, and any other information relating to the business that you wish to display.

Phone Repair Doctor phone numbers and mail in service details will not be shown. The page is exclusively yours.

We base the lease fee on the amount of leads that we currently generate for that area. The minimum fee is $5 per month (invoiced quarterly). For some regional areas this might be the total amount, for larger areas that get more calls and leads the leasing fee will be higher.

If any leads should contact the main office we direct them back to you and forward you on the leads details. 95% of the leads will contact you directly, since your details are the only ones on the page.

Here are a couple of example pages of other repairers that lease their local pages from us.

You charge whatever you like for the work and operate as usual under your own banner.

On the month of your billing date you will receive an invoice on the 1st of the month and it’s payable by the 15th of the month via Direct transfer, Credit Card, or Cheque.



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