Getting the most out of your iPod, iPhone and iPad camera

A lot of people nowadays are using their iPhone camera to capture very nice images. You no longer need to carry around a dedicated digital camera for those quick happy snaps. The HD video quality of the iPod, iPhone and iPad is so good you often see people out and about at functions or parties with nothing other than their iPhone or iPad.

So how to do you get the most out of your iPod, iPhone, iPad camera. There are effective techniques and sophisticated apps to help you capture and process images and produce the best results possible.

Keep it Steady

This one is simple, but a must with a fixed lens camera. The shutter speed is fairly slow. So it could be helpful to brace your hand against something solid while the shot is being taken. You can use a tripod holder or adapter for your device. See the images below. You just let your iPhone slip easily and snugly into the holder for mounting the iPhone to any tripod.

Tap to Focus

Make sure your subject matter is in focus. iPhone has an autofocus but you can also tap on the subject to re-focus the camera. Even though the camera has respectable macro ability which can really focus close to the subject, don’t get too close you will end up with a blurry photo.

Don’t Zoom In Too Far

Try to get closer to the subject if you can. When you are zooming in too far, you are enlarging the pixels and will end up with an image full of noise because iPhone cameras have only fixed lenses. This is very true among lower resolution cameras like that of 3G and 3Gs.

Use Apps

Several great apps are available that you can use to enhance your photo. You can try 360 Panaroma, Photogene, Pro HDR and Autostitch. These apps allow you to do different adjustments and it can generate scenes out of diverse photos and join it together.

Lens Attachment

There are various lenses that you can attach to your iPhone camera. Fisheye and wide angled lenses which lets you snap on with the use of magnetic rings that you can stick to your phone. You can also opt to employ a telephoto lens wherein you can screw it into a handy iPhone tripod. You will surely enjoy very nice photos and videos from afar especially in low light levels like concerts.


If you think you will be making lots of videos from your iPhone photos, it is recommended that you invest for apple’s iMovie app. This is the mobile version of the Apple’s popular consumer video editing on Mac OS X. It offers countless creative and editing functionality right there in your handset.

In summary, experiment with your camera and get comfortable with what it can and can’t do. Use 3rd party tools to enchance it’s abilities. And as long as you have the creativity, you can always get the most out of your iPod, iPhone and iPad camera.


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