Enhancing your Business Through the Use of an iPad

iphone eftposOne of the newest features of electronic point of sales software (EPOS software) today is that you can use it using your iPad. The coolness factor of an iPad is one of the greatest reasons why most businesses use it. According to the owner of Harper and Madison, a coffee shop and bakery in Montana, it is the hipness and coolness of iPad EPOS software that attracts most of their customers. The coffee shop has been using the iPad system ever since March 2011 and so far the owner and the customers are enjoying doing business using this type of EPOS. However, there is more to iPad EPOS than the social prestige it adds to a small business like Harper and Madison.

Using iPad can help you save cost and is a great customer service device. Compared to other traditional EPOS software, an iPad EPOS is relatively cheaper than tradition EPOS which can cost you up to $25,000 USD. EPOS devices such as iPad EPOS can help you save about thousands of dollars, cutting off other costs by using cheaper cash drawers and printer receipts. The monthly fee of using such device ranges only from $50-$130 USD in a month, depending of the type of package you choose to purchase. In addition to this, it is also a very powerful device to level up your customer service. The portability of such EPOS software means that the staff/cashier can make payments more convenient to customers. With an iPad, they can take orders and payments right at the tables of the customers. With its additional applications, they can serve as a catalogue and an inventory system for your merchandizes. For example, if you have a customer who wants to check the available designs for a specific brand, through the use of iPad, you will be able to show them some other selections without having to go to the stock room to check on the available sizes or colors of the specific item. Everything can be accessed through your mobile EPOS.

Through the use of iPad EPOS software, streaming of the sales process can make your portable device a real sales booster and you can also use it as an effective sales strategy. With its advanced ability, a sales person can make transactions right where the customer is standing. Instead of directly walking to the cash register to buy his or her purchases, you can use the iPod to process the transaction whenever there is a long line in the cash register. Through the use of iPad EPOS system, you can also suggest or up-sell other products targeted to the person’s preferences. Because of its on-screen capability you can compare and suggest products based on statistics and customer reviews. The device is not hard to use. Thus, it eases up the training process of your employees.

No matter the type of system you choose, the bottom line lies on the ability of the system to cut cost and to increase your sales. Choose a system that not only enhances in your inventory system but rather something that can enhance the customer service of your business.

David Duncan is the sales director at EPOS Now. Based in the UK, this market-leading company can provide you with great-value EPOS software in addition to complete EPOS solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors.

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