How To Extend Your iPhone, iPod, iPad Battery Life

iphone battery lifeWe have never been more empowered at the work place or in school until the birth of the Apple smart devices, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. With the offering of a variety of applications, they have become an indispensable part of many peoples lives. From calling loved ones, checking emails, connecting with friends on social networking sites, updating them with photos, getting organized with things-to-do-today, preparing for grocery shopping and engaging with some fun games. No wonder it wastes away its battery life easily!

Here are some points to save your iPhone, iPod, or iPad battery life:

•    Turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it. If it’s on the device is working in the background to find other devices to pair with, consuming your devices power.
•    Turn off WiFi. When you are in a place where you are certain there is no WiFi connection, turn the feature off to decrease power use.
•    Turn off location services. Some applications have a geo-identifying element that automatically recognizes your whereabouts. They help some people, but many don’t require the it.
•    Turn off push notifications. At particular intervals, your iPhone fetches emails and other applications generate notifications for you, using battery life. Turn it off especially if the information is not urgent.
•    Turn off vibration and keypad tones. They not seem like they would use a lot of power, but if you  multiply it with the number of times used, it does add up.
•    Turn off customized music or radio equalizers. The default settings are good enough.
•    Turn off 3G feature. For places where there is a hopeless 3G connection, turn off 3G to stop your phone from switching from 2G to 3G constantly, thus reducing power consumption.
•    Turn on airplane mode when you are in places that have zero network access. It will keep your device from searching for networks.
•    Turn on auto-lock feature of your device. Keep it on the shortest wait time before it locks. This way, the device doesn’t need to wait long before the screen turns off.
•    Try not to leave your device charging for long periods of time. Once it’s the battery is full you should remove it from charging. Also schedule periodic full drainage of the battery. Once a month is a good schedule for you to completely empty your device battery, allowing it to regain the right run of cycles during the next charging.
•    Adjust brightness of your screen. If you don’t need it on the brightest setting you can save battery power with a dimmer screen.
•    Download apps only when your device is connected to computer and iTunes. Downloading apps over wireless connectivity consumes more power.
•    Use car chargers and battery packs. If you are always on the go, keep your device running at the same pace as you with these battery extenders.

If you think you’ll be away from a charging station for a while, do not use your device unnecessarily. Browsing the net, playing games or taking photos all consumes battery power. After a couple of years of sooner for some people depending on use, the battery life will be reduced, and you’ll get less out of it in between charges. They don’t last forever. You can then take your iPhone, iPod, iPad in to a repair center and they will replace the battery for you.

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