Top Paid Apps for iPhone and iPad: Why they’re Worth Paying for

top paid apps

Most won’t decline anything free like apps but as they old adage says, “Not everything in life is free.” The same applies to downloading applications for your iPhone or iPad device. But you wouldn’t and shouldn’t throw money down the bin for apps that aren’t worth it right? So if you’re looking for paid applications, we’ll help you out by featuring the top paid apps for iPhone and iPad straight from Apple’s 2013 list.

The table below lists the most downloaded for both platforms:

iPhone iPad
Minecraft – Pocket Edition Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Heads Up! Pages
Temple Run: Oz Temple Run: Oz
Angry Birds: Star Wars Plants vs. Zombies HD
Plague Inc. Angry Birds Star Wars HD
Afterlight Notability
Free Music Download Pro – Mp3 Downloader Angry Birds Star Wars II
Bloons TD 5 iMovie
Sleep Cycle alarm clock The Room
Plants vs. Zombies Bad Piggies HD

But before we get the ball rolling, I’d like to refer you to our previous posts on the top free apps for iPhone and iPad as well as the top billed app for 2013, Candy Crush.

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Going back to the applications listed above, read on.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

It’s the most downloaded paid app for both iPhone and iPad. A simple game of building blocks is worth the adventure. The Pocket Edition includes additional features such as added modes with random worlds plus multiplayer capability within a Wi-Fi network. The interface keeps on improving every time too.

Heads Up

It’s number 2 for iPhones but is also available for other iOS devices. Everyone is crazy over this game, even Ellen DeGeneres, the New York Times, and Cosmopolitan. You can play it with friends, co-workers, or everyone in events. All you need to do is guess the word on the iPhone’s screen flashed on top of your head (hence, the game’s name) before the time runs out.

You can create categories or play existing decks (18 all in all) which include celebrities, movies, animals, accents, popular characters, and so much more.


Forget about figuring how Word works for mobile devices. With iPad’s #2 app Pages, you can create reports, resumes, and various types of documents on your tablet. It’s specifically designed for iOS devices and features multi-touch and smart zoom capability.

Temple Run: Oz

This game app ranks third in both iPhone and iPad and is a spinoff from that phenomenal Temple Run success inspired by the Disney movie Oz.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Whether in the plain Star Wars version, the 2nd, or the HD, this Angry Birds release is a hit for both iPhone and iPad devices. What makes it different from the original franchise is that, well, you’ve guessed it right; it’s inspired by the Star Wars saga. In this game, you can explore up to 100 levels in various locations and use the powers of the force to complete challenges.  Your birds also level up as you continue playing. You may even unlock secret levels while doing so. For difficult levels, earn points in order to summon the mighty falcon for help.

Plants vs. Zombies HD

It’s Plants vs. Zombies on #10 for iPhone and #4 on the iPad, the HD version that is. The first ever sensational game app which started it all is still a chart topper for downloads. You know the drill; don’t let the zombies eat your brains through powerful plants!

Plague Inc.

This highly acclaimed game which had helped raise public awareness on health issues lets you use 12 monkeys (different diseases) to infect the world (50+ countries). Apply various techniques and strategy to complete the mission on this stunning game with highly detailed and realistic retina graphics.


This simple image editing app features 15 adjustment tools, 56 filters, 66 textures made from 35mm and instant film, cropping and transforming tools, and 75 frames.


The best productivity app, Notability is used for note-taking. You can use it for sketching ideas, annotating documents, signing contracts, completing worksheets, keeping a journal, making a presentation, teaching a class, writing down notes, saving recordings, and more. You can even make updates while on the go and organize files through iCloud or through other cloud brands. With Google Drive on other hand, you can easily import various files.

Free Music Download Pro – Mp3 Downloader

This app is actually both an mp3 music streamer and downloader for your iTunes compatible devices. With this app, you can access and download music, videos, and audio books legally. Features include browser usage, file manager, download manager, file manager, playlists, media player, and media library.

Bloons TD 5

The same towers, special agents, tracks, missions, enemies, modes, challenges, progress you can save through iCloud, and more are back with an all new HD Bloons.


iMovie is available not only for iPhone, iPad, and iPod but for Mac as well. This app lets you watch movies on your own library, share them online, and even create trailers or full HD movies ala Hollywood style. With iCloud, you can also connect your device and watch through the iMovie Theater on Apple HDTV at home or anywhere else. You can also do so wirelessly through AirPlay.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

This highly acclaimed app featured in numerous popular publications revolutionizes what alarm clocks are for. Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep pattern and wakes you up during your light sleep phase, thereby, waking you up at the perfect moment for a well rested sleep. It monitors your sleep through an exceptionally sensitive accelerometer on your iPhone that can detect which sleep phase you are currently at based on your movements. This helps it determine the ideal time to wake you up within the 30 minute window of your set alarm time.

The mechanism is based on years of scientific research about our sleep pattern. Waking up tired is not always dependent on the number of hours you sleep but the phase when you wake up. The ideal time to wake up is during light sleep phase. Rousing from sleep during deep sleep will cause you to feel tired even if you have slept enough hours.

The Room

This multi-awarded, highly acclaimed, well reviewed mystery puzzle app let’s you play the game in a beautiful realistic world. Part 2 is also now available for your iPad this 2014.

Bad Piggies HD

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds, then you’d definitely love its spinoff game, Bad Piggies HD. Ever wanted to side with the pigs? You can do so now through this game. All you need to do is to guide the pigs to successfully steal the eggs. There are 200 levels with an additional 36 you can unlock, not to mention 8 sandbox levels to encourage creativity.

We all love it free but with the top paid apps featured above, I’m certain that you will be willing to shell out money to download on your iPhone or iPad.

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