14 Alternative Apps or Ways to Locate a Lost or Stolen iPhone

locate lost or stolen iphone apps

In the previous post, we have featured the Find my iPhone app coupled with iCloud in order to track the location of a lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and PC. There’s no doubt that this tandem may be the best ever security measure for your device straight from Apple. But there are also alternative products worthy of discussion. Some of which are featured below:

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy can be considered the most advanced among alternative products intended to locate a missing device. It does not only track the unit, it can also provide real time reports of all activity including GPS locations, incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails, contact numbers (even newly added ones), website URLs browsed, and photos or videos (old and new). However, it comes with a hefty $99.97/year subscription or $49.97/quarter price. You can at least try it for free on a 7-day trial period. Mobile Spy is available for various compatible devices other than the iPhone.


GadgetTrak reports your device’s location yet prevents the thief from knowing so by setting a pass code. With the built-in camera, the unit can also take a snapshot of the thief with a onetime fee of .99 cents. GadgetTrak cannot be deleted from the phone too. Tracking it is enabled by logging in to http://trak.me. GadgetTrak can be purchased by several compatible devices aside from the iPhone. On iTunes, it’s offered at $4.99.

Device Locator

Device Locator offers the same features as GadgetTrak. From https://device-locator.com, you can set the device to emergency mode and lock it. Furthermore, you can sound an alarm and send a message with sound to whoever has your gadget in possession. It’s available for $2.99 on iTunes and is exclusively offered for iOS only.


FoneHome is similar to Device Locator and is available on iTunes also for $2.99. It is compatible not only for iOS devices but for Android as well.


iHound allows you to play siren sounds like Device Locator and also enables you to remotely lock the phone, track its location, and erase data. You can also share the device’s location through social media. It’s available for iOS and Android devices. It’s $3.99 for 3 months of service on the App Store.

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is capable of tracking your lost device every two minutes and sets permissions for friends or family to view the phone’s location. It can be downloaded for free and is available for both iOS and Android.

If Found+

If Found+ allows you to lock the lost phone with a pass code but still displays a wallpaper containing your message. You can include your contact information in the hopes that a Good Samaritan will return it. It’s only $.99 on iTunes.

Phone Trace 4

Phone Trace 4 tracks a lost or stolen iPhone through real time location reports. It can also send text messages or emails and commands remotely. However, it cannot lock the phone or prevent anyone from using it. In fact, they can simply replace the SIM card. The app can at least provide you the new number so you can contact it. This app costs $7.99.


Navizon offers a global positioning system for Android and iOS for free. Hence, it can be used for a real time and precise live location of missing devices.

Motion Alarm

Motion Alarm triggers an alarm when a certain level of movement (set at the motion sensitivity option) is reached. It also comes with GPS tracking with the report sent via email. It can be purchased for download at the App Store for $1.99.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a free app that lets you see your iPhone’s location in a map using a friend or family member’s iPhone which was added and accepted beforehand. Supposedly, it’s intended to find everyone within your circle of family and friends only but it is also applicable when locating missing iPhones.


iLocalis only works with a jailbroken iPhone and is downloaded through Cydia, an alternative App Store. Thus, not everyone may be interested with it. In case you are, you can use this app to locate your iPhone and send commands remotely such as placing calls, deleting data, recording audio, sharing the unit’s location with others, and locking the device.


If you’re problem is not as complicated such as merely misplacing your iPhone often, you can use the BiKN system. This is a system of tags which can be attached to important devices such as a smart phone, keys, wallet, and so on, even your kids actually. The items locate each other through alert tones. If you have one of the tagged items, you can easily find the rest. It can support up to 8 items at once. Sets of two tags cost $49.99 while starter sets of 1 iPhone and 2 tags cost $129.99.

Where’s My Cellphone 

Where’s My Cellphone is simply a website which lets you call a missing or misplaced phone. It’s perfect when there is no other phone available to dial your number. Simply visit www.wheresmycellphone.com to start using the service for free.

There are actually numerous other apps, software, and tools you can use to locate a lost or stolen iPhone but these are our recommended top 14. Thanks for reading and best of luck keeping your iPhone safe and secure!


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