How to Troubleshoot 6 Common iPad Problems



So you have finally purchased your dream iPad device? Great! Now, you are faced with several marvels the product has to offer.  It keeps you connected with your loop of friends and the rest of the world as well and enables you to be updated with what’s happening around us.  But along these are also problems you will encounter while using your latest iPad model.  And when one or two of the most common problems occur, you feel frustrated and even mad as it entails not only lost of connectivity but also additional expenses for repair.  Fortunately, some of these common issues can be fixed personally through easy do-it-yourself troubleshooting steps.

Some problems happen due to misuse and incorrect configurations or even compatibility and adaptability reasons.  So what are such common issues and how do you solve them ASAP?

Touch Screens are not Responding

It is indeed a life distracting event when you want to make an important call or compose new tweets and messages or is so eager to finish a suspense thriller ebook yet your fingers have become swollen as screens are totally unresponsive and won’t move sideways or up and down all of a sudden.  The trick here is to do the following:

  • Checking the Screens

Check if the screens are dirty or better yet, gently wipe it with soft and dry cloth. Just ensure that your gadget is not plugged in to avoid further issues such as power damage and to avoid electrocution if you want to clean it with slightly damp fabric.

If your screen has a protective cover, remove it, clean it, and test to see if it is functioning.

  • Power Charging

Basically, if it is not responding, it can be attributed as power issue, thus, charging your iPad is the most logical option.

If battery is not charging, you might be plugging in to a device which cannot hold on such as low powered netbooks and desktops.  Try using the AC adaptor and plug or use the USB connector for power surge.

  • Using Wake/Sleep Button

If the unit is frequently hanging, use the Wake/Sleep button for several seconds then press the Home button key and hold for while.  The application you are currently using will shut down.

Another way to reboot is to press the Sleep/Wake key and wait for the red slider to appear and drag it to the off button.  Then, press the Sleep/Wake key after a few second to boot your gadget again.

  • Resetting the iPad

If all of the above ideas are not working, reset the device by pressing the sleep/wake and home key at the same time and hold until the Apple logo crops up on the screen.

iPad is not Responding to Wi-Fi Connections

When this happens, the first thing you should do is check your Wi-Fi settings. Here are the step by step instructions on how it’s done:

  • First, find the Wi-Fi infra and move closer to it.  iPad gadgets have shorter reach when compared with laptops and netbooks.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and the turn it on by using the Settings option: go to general, then reset, reset networking settings, and reconfigure network settings.
  • Check if your router and modem is on.
  • Check if your Wi-Fi apps software is updated with the latest version
  • Turn off your iPad by pressing the on/off key for a little bit longer until the message “slide to power off” appears.

Frequent Connection Drop

When your connection experiences frequent disconnection, you may want to renew the DHCP or dynamic host configuration protocol by clicking on the network portion of the settings page, click on Wi-Fi and tap the small blue arrow to the connection you want to use, and refresh the connection of the router by clicking on the renew/lease button.

If there are still no improvement afterwards, then ignore DHCP and use static IP address by simply creating an IP address that is not used by the router; it is signified using a prefix of Go to the settings page and enter the address at the field provided through the static portion of the settings.

Shorter Battery Life

On the average, iPad power life runs up to eight hours of use.  If you suddenly noticed that your device is not showing maximum power during usage, what should you do?  It is very simple, reduce brightness, disable blue tooth, and disconnect modem.

  • Dimming the Screen

Reduce screen brightness by going to Settings, then click on brightness and wallpaper, disable auto bright and set the screen illumination at reduce levels.

  • Blue Tooth Deactivation

If you are not using wireless accessories like speaker and keyboard, disable Bluetooth by simply clicking on settings, go to the general portion, then find Bluetooth and click it off.

  • Turning off the Modem

If you just want a simple connection and have no use of 3G at the moment, turn it off by clicking on the settings, find modem and 3G settings, then click off.

Auto Shutdown

This is basically a temperature concern.  Bear in mind that the battery is made of lithium polymer and is very sensitive to changes in temperature.  The iPad will suffer shutdown problems if the environment is over 95 degrees hot and 32 degrees lower when it is cold.  When if it is affected by extreme weather conditions (too hot or too cold) and is automatically shutting off, the logical thing to do is to let it cool.  Always use it under a shade and never store it in a hot place such as car dashboards.  And if it is quite cold out there, a little warming up will do.

It is not Synchronizing

From time to time, your iPad gets to connect with a computer host and sometimes it doesn’t link.  There are probable reasons such as the following:

  • Dead battery – recharge it first before synchronizing.
  • Not recognized by your computer – this is due to a snag in the Apple Mobile Device Support or AMDS and restart.
  • iPad cannot connect to Windows PC – simply go to Control Panel and click on Administrative Tools, then click services, then Apple mobile device, click stop and restart the computer. If still not working, delete and reinstall the latest edition of iTunes (new version of AMDS is already attached to it) from your desktop.

As you can see, all common iPad problems are like Yellow Pages, the resolution is just within your fingertips.

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